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Health problems experienced by people with abnormally bigger breasts may easily be solved with breast reduction. In Brisbane, only the best plastic surgeons can do the job.

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What is Macromastia? 

Macromastia is a type of breast hypertrophy, a medical condition where the breasts abnormally grow excessively large. It may be caused by hormonal imbalance or obesity.  This condition may be treated with oral medications but these may not be consistently effective. One of the solutions doctors advise their patients with macromastia is to undergo breast reduction surgery.

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What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammoplasty, is mainly a reconstructive surgery procedure that reduces the size and shape of the breast by removing excess breast tissue (skin, fat tissue, and sometimes, glandular tissue).

Having disproportionate breasts can both be a physical and emotional problem. Health problems may be caused by having excess weight from your breasts and others may feel embarrassed or awkward because of unwanted attention being given to their breasts. Breast Reduction Brisbane can provide you with effective solutions, and more.


Why undergo breast reduction?

Indications to have breast reduction surgery are physical, emotional, and cosmetic in nature.

Breast Reduction Brisbane clients want to undergo breast reduction because they are experiencing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, skin rashes and irritation caused by their heavy breasts. They tend to have low self-confidence and bad body posture in an attempt to hide their large breasts and shy away from the unwelcome attention. They also turn to breast reduction surgery so that their breasts may be effectively proportioned to their body built. It will make clothes hunting easier and limitations in performing sports and other daily activities will be lifted.


Can I be a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Everyone suffering from abnormally large, sagging breasts because of hormonal imbalance, heredity, obesity, or previous pregnancies and breastfeeding may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery so long as their physical health is stable. Medical clearance must be given by your doctors in order to undergo a surgical operation such as breast reduction.

Having realistic expectations with regard to the outcome of the procedure should also be emphasized from the very first consultation.

You must also uphold some lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation and drug use because these may affect the normal healing process of the body after surgery.

About Us

Breast reduction in Brisbane is mainly a reconstructive plastic surgery that should only be performed by specialist plastic surgeons. You can rely on Breast Reduction Brisbane because we know it is considered a major operation that needs the expertise of highly experienced plastic surgeons who are part of our practice. Expect professionalism and accuracy in every surgical procedure once Breast Reduction Brisbane’s reputable surgeons handle the tasks at hand.


How much does Breast reduction cost? 

Factors that may affect the cost of breast reduction surgery include the surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fee, hospital fee, medications needed, and other miscellaneous expenses. In Brisbane, an estimated amount of $8000 to $12000 may be allocated if you are planning to have breast reduction surgery. You can discuss all your financial concerns and insurance questions with Breast Reduction Brisbane’s friendly staff and have them explain our treatment packages and payment options.

Additional facts on Breast Reduction Surgery

Risks of undergoing Breast Reduction:
We at Breast Reduction Brisbane believe that all surgeries, minor or major, have risks involved with them one way or the other. Before pushing through with the surgery, the following are just some of the risks and complications a breast reduction patient should put into consideration:

  • Risk for infection
  • Persistent pain and bleeding
  • Swelling, bruising, or presence of blood clots
  • Pulmonary/Respiratory complications (breathing problems, chest pain, etc.)
  • Change in breast function (difficulty breastfeeding, loss of sensation on breasts)
  • Anesthesia adverse reactions or allergic reaction to medications
  • Scar or keloid formation

The whole procedure and its potential risks and complications should be readily communicated and explained by the Breast Reduction Brisbane team to the patient before the surgery. You can be assured that our expert Breast Reduction Brisbane plastic surgeon will perform the operation safely and accurately to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Kinds of Breast Reduction Approach
Inverted T Incision:  Also called the Wise pattern or the ‘Anchor’ approach because the incisions for this approach resemble that of an anchor. at Breast Reduction Brisbane, incisions are made along the edge of the areola, from the bottom of the areola down to the breast fold, and along the crease of the breast fold or underboob. This is the most common approach performed at Breast Reduction Brisbane because visualization of the breast structures is maximized and manipulation is optimized.

Vertical Scar Incision:  Incisions are found around the edge of the dark pigmented part of the nipple, called areola, and a vertical one from the bottom of the areola to the breast fold or underboob. For Breast Reduction Brisbane, this approach is more commonly known as the ‘Lollipop’ approach, because of the shape of the incisions.

Liposuction Breast Reduction: This is also called lipectomy. Some Breast Reduction Brisbane patients who do not want to have obvious scarring on their breasts and would only need a minimal reduction on the size of their breasts sometimes turn to liposuction to facilitate breast reduction. It is less invasive and needs shorter recovery time.

Free-nipple graft approach: At Breast Reduction Brisbane, this is a technique in breast reduction that removes the nipple-areola complex (NAC) in order to remove as much breast tissue as needed then repositions the NAC to a more suitable position to fit the new size of the breast. This approach may be indicated for patients with excessively large breasts that need a large amount of breast tissue to be removed. However, based on studies, this approach may affect the function and sensation of a patient’s breasts.

Preparation for the procedure
Understanding the procedure and its effect should be made on the very first consultation at Breast Reduction Brisbane. All your concerns should be voiced out to your Breast Reduction Brisbane plastic surgeon and options to address these concerns will be explained in detail. The breast reduction approach you and your surgeon chose as well as your realistic expectations after the procedure will be set.

Diagnostic procedures, blood tests, and other medical tests must be provided to the Breast Reduction Brisbane surgeon to ensure the safety of the procedure and your eligibility to undergo such surgery.

Smoking cessation and prohibition of the use of illegal drugs will also be upheld as these will affect the healing process and may present further risks to the patient.

Your Breast Reduction Brisbane plastic surgeon will photograph, examine, and measure your breasts, its size, shape, and location of your nipple and areola, and all will be part of your medical records.

What to expect after the Procedure
At Breast Reduction Brisbane, the procedure lasts for 2 to 4 hours, depending on the approach and the complexity of the patient’s condition. After the procedure, the patient is monitored in the recovery room for quite some time before either discharging to go home or transferring to a hospital room and stay overnight.

Wound dressing or bandages will be used to protect and support your breasts. Swelling and bruising with or without pain are expected but will be easily addressed by prescribing pain medications. A compression bra may also be used to further support and shape your breasts. These will be provided to you by Breast Reduction Brisbane.

If draining tubes were inserted to your breasts, expect that these will be removed in a couple of days, until your wound has been effectively drained. The sutures will also be removed after a few days.

You will be advised by your Breast Reduction Brisbane surgeon to rest for a couple of weeks and maintain a good diet to facilitate healing. Restrictions in daily activities and work shall be implemented. Most of your post-operative symptoms should diminish or disappear after a few weeks. Any worsening of symptoms should be reported to your Breast Reduction Brisbane plastic surgeon immediately to avoid complications.

Regular check-ups will be required to monitor your progress and ensure that no untoward complication will happen and be left untreated.

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