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All women and men with abnormally large breasts always feel uncomfortable and stressed out about the issues that these problematic body part cause physically and emotionally. Excessively large breasts that are not proportionate to your body may be caused by different factors, including obesity, genes, and hormones, and there is no exercise or diet that can effectively remove the extra weight except surgery. So, let us discover liposuction breast reduction, a type of breast reduction mammoplasty that patients can undergo to solve the health hazards and physical issues that having large asymmetric breasts cause.


What is liposuction breast reduction?

Over the years, liposuction has become the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure. The popularity of this surgical treatment originates from its flexibility and all-around effectiveness, as well as the short recovery period which patients experience after the procedure. Let us look at one particular type of liposuction that men and women are gradually discovering to effectively reshape and remove excess weight from their chests, the liposuction breast reduction.

Liposuction breast reduction is an alternative surgery procedure that can replace the traditional breast reduction mammoplasty in removing excess fats in the breasts. The process may be done under local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia, depending on the amount of fat to be eliminated and the preference of the surgeon.


Who can benefit from liposuction breast reduction?

Women and men who have abnormal breast enlargement caused by excess fatty tissues can be good candidates for this procedure. Those who are concerned about the scarring that traditional breast reduction can typically cause would also opt to undergo this surgical alternative since only tiny incisions around the breast area are needed for this fat removal surgery.


Other considerations about liposuction breast reduction

No surgery is perfect. There will always be a positive side and a downside in every treatment or surgical procedure. Discuss all your needs and concerns with your plastic surgeon so he can better explain your options and enlighten you on what to expect about any cosmetic surgery procedure you would want to undergo. For now, here are some points you need to consider about liposuction breast reduction.

This procedure is literally a fat removal surgery. We all know that liposuction as a general cosmetic surgery deals with the removal of excess fats in different parts of the body. With liposuction breast reduction, you can expect that the only breast component that can be removed through this reduction mammoplasty option is the breast fats. So, if you have sagging skin, asymmetric breasts, or drooping areolae, liposuction breast reduction is not the appropriate reduction mammoplasty procedure for you.


It has limited breast reduction size. Because only one component that causes the breast enlargement is removed from your chests, you should also expect that the reduction this breast surgery offers is limited compared to the traditional procedure.

No scarring. One positive side of this procedure is that there are no apparent scars that you can observe after the operation, unlike the traditional reduction mammoplasty where you will have horizontal, circular and vertical marks all over your chest area depending on the technique your surgeon uses.


Less downtime. Because liposuction also requires less manipulation of the chest area, most patients only need 2-3 days to recuperate before they are ready to return to their daily activities. However, there are still some limitations and movement restrictions that will be imposed by your surgeon to avoid unwanted complications after the surgery. But with regard to pain, swelling, and tenderness among others, liposuction breast reduction causes less post-surgical side effects and discomfort.

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