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Gynaecomastia is a medical condition that affects men with the overdevelopment of their breasts. This is much more than just a cosmetic dilemma. It can also affect the interpersonal relationships and psychological health of men.  The social humiliation with men having man boobs, as they call it, can be emotionally destructive and physically uncomfortable. Men who have gynaecomastia are often teased for their body contour, especially their chest area that almost resembles that of a female’s. This is where a male breast reduction is intended and recommended. Let us learn more about male breast reduction surgery and the benefits it can give men.


Male breast reduction surgery: Boosts men’s confidence

Men with body insecurities due to obesity and gynaecomastia can become depressed. And unfortunately, it cannot be easily improved with lifestyle modifications. Yes, dieting and regular exercise may work for some men in shaping their bodies, but most of them can still have stubborn fats around their chest area, making their breasts more emphasised and developed like a woman’s. Through male breast reduction surgery, these unwanted fats can be removed to create a flatter and firmer chest area that complements the muscular physique men have been working hard to achieve. Having toner and tighter chest provides an effective boost of self-esteem for men allowing them to wear more fitted clothing, go shirtless to show off their incredible bod, and not be embarrassed when it comes to social interactions with the opposite sex.


Male breast reduction surgery: Let’s men enjoy a more masculine physique


Men work out and exercise to make their muscles ripped and their figure masculinely emphasised. So having man boobs defeats the purpose of developing their bodies. It even becomes an insult when their chest area is being compared to that of a woman’s. Unluckily, many men who have gynaecomastia are given the impression that their chests are not compatible with their gender. Male breast reduction surgery eliminates the excess fat and breast tissue from the chest, giving men the privilege to show off a flatter chest that fits a muscular and sculpted physique. Men who opt for male breast reduction surgery can enjoy their new, masculine chest and get rid of the insecurities they once struggled with.


Male breast reduction surgery: Makes work easier

Having man boobs or an inappropriately large chest area for men can make physical activity uncomfortable. This is a fact that many women can relate to. Exercises, such as running and jumping, become more difficult and embarrassing if you are aware of the movements of your chest. For athletic and active women, they have the privilege to select from a variety of special sports bras that help support, protect, and hold their breasts down to prevent any accidents during exercise. However, men do not have the same options. The only thing they can do to free themselves of the discomfort is to choose and undergo a male breast reduction. Reducing the size of the chest allows men to feel relaxed about engaging in physical activities again, which helps inspire them to keep fit and preserve their stronger, more muscular physique.


Male breast reduction surgery: Improves their posture

For women, having excessively large breasts that are just too heavy for them to carry can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. Men are no different. Having man boobs can also cause discomfort to the back and neck areas. Not only that, but men who have more emphasised breasts feel self-conscious and embarrassed that they tend to slouch and hide their chests. This can have an effect on one’s posture, causing the upper spine to become rounder and disfigured. Over time, this can lead to a permanent hump and chronic spinal pain. Another bad result of poor posture is having weak core strength and an introverted or inhibited pose. With a more proportioned chest, men can stand straighter and taller, exuding confidence and comfort.

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